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Tod Gregoire, bag pipes
Tod Gregoire is a Grade 2 level bagpiper
with the  Western United States Pipe Band
Association. He was Pipe Major of the GradeVI
Seven Pipers Society leading them to a United
States Region Championship in 1998 and in 1999
to the Worlds Championship in Glasgow, Scotland
to compete for a pipe band World title, In 2000 the
pipe band was promoted to Grade III level. In 2005
Tod became Pipe Sergeant and a founding member
of the Hugh O’Connor Memorial Pipe Band Tucson,
Arizona. Besides bagpiping, Tod is  a P90X fitness
enthusiast and an avid cyclist traning and riding in
100 mile road tours throughout southern Arizona.
Tod performed in both Celtic Sinfonia shows,
to a wildly cheering audience.  
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