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David is incredibly in love with the
process of delving deeper into
conscious relationship with sound and
silence. The relationship of how they
interact and communicate and dance
through motion and stillness within the
infinite vastness of space and time has
fascinated David ever since he can
remember.  He is a rhythmist.  He
enjoys learning, internalizing, exploring,
sharing, playing, and experimenting
with different rhythms and sensibilities
from different cultures and traditions
from around the world and applying
them to his passion and study of the
drum set, percussion, frame drums,
marimbas, vocalizations, body
percussion, ethno-musicology,
groovability, visual arts, nature,
silence, and the music itself.
David Alderdice drummer, percussionist, teacher, touring musician & studio drummer.
Recently David has become a proud papa and has been enjoying all the life lessons
inherent in having such an amazing being for a son. He has also been learning and
sharing tunes on the marimba, playing different frame drums (especially the lap style
frame drum and the Brazilian pandeiro), “reciting” solkattu (south Indian rhythmic
vocalization patterns), playing with shakers, practicing the drumset, and sharing
different ideas, concepts, and feelings on rhythm and drumming through workshops,
lessons, and classes. David also enjoys spending time in the back-country of
Colorado’s mountains; gardening, planting trees, learning about permaculture, and
always striving to be present with whatever arises.,David takes a break from
drumming to enjoy hiking and camping in the Colorado mountains near his home in
the area of Paonia and Hotchkiss. and trying to be present with whatever arises.