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The live recording & film  from the spectacular Celtic music & dance show filmed and aired by Rocky Mountain PBS (trailer for this film on Homepage, excerpts on  page and  page)  

FEAST’s second CD and DVD, another spectacular show filmed by Rocky Mountain PBS,  will be released fall of 2010.

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Celtica Sinfonia CD       $12.97

Celtica Sinfonia DVD   $12.97

Celtica Sinfonia CD  & $19.95

Celtica Sinfonia DVD

 Coming soon.....track & CD downloads! available now

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Tracks for both CD & DVD:


1. Zara-Siamsa 6:01

 2. Aisling's Song  4:45

 3. Last Rose Of Summer 3:26

 4. Strings Of Fire 4:14

 5. Sheep Under The Snow - Cooley's Reel  4:22

 6. Don't Tell William  5:57

 7. Greensleeves 4:30

 8. Star Of The Country Down - Tam Lin 6:36

 9. Lochaber No More 4:43

 10. Celtic Passage-Dance Over The Rainbow  4:20

 11. Scottish Fantasy - Highland Cathedral 11:24